Friday, May 25, 2012

Making the Best of It!

Things are going okay here in our new city, we have good days and bad days.  Let's just say my St. Joseph pray is getting a little tattered :)  Thomas' company hosted a day at the amusement park last week and of course the boys were dying to go.  Here are some pictures!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


We are here!  The big move is over and now we are in our new "TEMPORARY" place.  I emphasize temporary because it is a three bedroom apartment.  Moving from a very large 3200 sq. ft. house to a 1300 sq. ft. apartment has been an adjustment.  The size isn't that bad actually, we really do fit considering we only have about an eighth of our belongings!  The hardest part about the apartment is the fact that we are on the third floor and there is no yard. As if getting the kids in and out of the house wasn't hard enough, now I get to lug a one year old, purse, groceries and many times a screaming three old up  and down 37 steps (yes I counted.)  I need to stop complaining though.  I am very grateful that Thomas' company has provided a place for us to stay, I am just starting to freak out about selling our house.  The idea of living in an apartment for 3-6 months...or longer....really scares me.  
We have been begging for St. Joseph's intercession and are praying two different novenas at the same time for his help in selling our home.
I kept telling people before we left that I thought the boys were going to be really upset.  It turns out that they are okay, I am the one that has had a really hard time.  I am still on the verge of tears many times a day.  I keep thinking about our wonderful neighbors, our empty house and great friends we left behind.  When we left it was so dramatic, like something you see in a movie.  The neighbors were all playing outside and then we said it was time to go and our kids got in the van.  The kids stood outside their house and waved and one even ran behind us waving "Bye!!"  It was so sad.
Here are some pictures from that day.

Unfortunately, I know that these pictures will always make me sad, not happy.  I am trying to be grateful for the people God put in our lives, but right now I just miss them.